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Types of appraisals

Appraisals have a purpose and there must be an intended purpose for an item to establish value.

If it is for:

- Insurance purposes
- Resale
- To settle or estate
-Or a reality check on a recently purchased item; (see below)

we can help following the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. (USPAP) and perform ethical appraisals with realistic values.

But what if you just want to know what you have???

Professional verbal consultation

Have you watched "Antiques Roadshow"? We provide a similar service that is perfect for someone who:

- Inherited a piece of jewelry or gemstone and doesn't know the value.
- Purchased something and wants to check if it is what the seller said it was.
- Has some vintage jewelry and wants to learn more about it.
-Needs a reality check on diamond grading compared to a gemological lab report.
- Wants to know if a piece of jewelry is worth repairing and/or insuring.
- Needs some more information about a piece of jewelry to determine if they want to keep it, sell it or donate it.

Northern Appraisal gives generalized verbal appraisals for items. An approximate value is given for the current appropriate market price with consideration of the current condition of the piece if it is second hand. Or - an approximate retail value if it is new. This inexpensive service is ideal for individuals requesting second-hand value or estimated retail value and do not need a written appraisal.

Before you talk to anyone, understand the difference between second-hand value and retail value. Jewelers cannot assess second-hand values without bias.

Please call us at 614-898-7927 for an appointment. We appraise everything in front of you, while you wait. You don't have to worry about your jewelry. What jeweler or appraiser could do the same?