Northern Appraisal Services - Appraisal Worthington, OH


Independent  appraisers  offer honest, unbiased opinions and values.

If you would like to sell a piece of jewelry, we have unique services to accommodate you. We will give you information that:

There are many appraisers out there that are also buyers. If you are shopping for an appraiser, ask if they also buy.


We can authenticate and/or verify what has been sold to you and establish an appropriate market value.


Please call us at 614-898-7927 for an appointment. We appraise everything in front of you while you wait.


  • Justifies the value.

  • Authenticates what it is.

  • Describes the item with detailed grading and trade terminology.

If you’re concerned about a recent purchase, call us.  We will:

  • Authenticate the item with gemological testing,

  • Verify the grading,

  • Evaluate a price in the appropriate market.

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