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Do you have jewelry you would like to sell but you have no idea where to start? We consult with our clientele about exactly what they have and what a reasonable sale price would be to help you sell your jewelry. Resale appraisals are performed while the customer waits and we can also give you ideas on venues in which to sell your merchandise.

Northern Appraisal Services offers a unique service for those who:

  - Need documentation to help justify the value of a trade in or to negotiate the sale price of the item.
  - Want to sell an item and want something in writing from an appraiser saying it is authentic.
  - Want to sell an item and want to give a detailed description written by a professional to the buyer.
  - Want the description, grading and condition of the piece in writing so it can be posted on an online auction or in the newspaper.
  - Want a description of an item in writing for safekeeping for family members to have when you pass on.

Please call us at 614-898-7927 for an appointment. We appraise everything in front of you, while you wait. You don't have to worry about your jewelry. What jeweler or appraiser could do the same?