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"I just want to know if it's real."  "I have no idea what it is".

Is this you? Northern Appraisal can authenticate your item in a few minutes while you watch and ask questions. As an independent jewelry appraiser, opposed to a jeweler, Northern Appraisal has absolutely no interest in the piece and can give you an unbiased assessment of what you have. This service is perfect for those who:

  - Are making purchases from an unknown source;
  - Are making purchases from non-traditional jewelry-selling parties;
  - Are looking for peace of mind;
  - Have something inherited and don't know if it's real, imitation, synthetic, or a look-alike.

We can authenticate: Diamonds, gemstones, watches, metals, translucent and opaque materials such as ivory, jade, bone, etc.; and antique jewelry. Call us if you have a question about a particular item we may have not mentioned.

Please call us at 614-898-7927 for an appointment. We appraise everything in front of you, while you wait. You don't have to worry about your jewelry. What jeweler or appraiser could do the same?