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Sorry, you will have to call for pricing. Our prices are subject to change due to the market. We also review our pricing at least once a year to determine if our price schedule is competitive and reasonable. So if you are a repeat customer our prices may have changed slightly. 

Our prices are competitive. If you are shopping for pricing, you will get what you pay for. Consider quality and detail of the workmanship, the experience and the education of the appraiser. You may be saving a few dollars now but you may pay later in various ways. How?...

- Overinflated values. An unexperienced appraiser may inflate values because they simply do not know the market. Also, appraisals that came from the place of purchase can have overinflated "feel good" values. This does no one good except for the warm fuzzies you get when you see your over-valued appraisal. This leads to higher insurance premiums over the course of years. Or, in the case of an estate, more taxes paid out of the estate.

- Poor descriptions and grading. Vague descriptions allow insurance companies to take liberties in replacing goods. Your valueables should be described using a nomenclature that the jewelry industry understands and accepts as some kind of standard. We have seen appraisals from local jewelers where the grading was simply made up, meaning nothing to anyone else but them. How does that help the client?

- Under-valued appraisals. Knowledge of current market values or where to research an item are key to appraising. Guess what happens if an item is lost or stolen and is has been under-insured?

A word about sales tax: Tax should not be applied to appraisal services. It is a service, not a tangible product and an appraiser is not required to collect tax to pay any local government. If you're calling to check pricing for appraisals, ask if there is tax. This is will give you a glimpse of the honesty of the jeweler.

Now accepting credit cards but prefer cash and checks.

Who are our customers?

People like you, who have put time and effort into researching a good jewelry appraiser. You can go to most jewelry stores to get an appraisal, but we can guarantee that their appraisals won't be nearly as detailed and will be performed by someone with far less experience and education. It may not come with a picture and you will likely have to leave your jewelry with them or will not walk out with the appraisal in hand.